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Infrared sauna - how it works and the advantages of using it

sauna infrared dlaczego warto?

Recent research has focused on Infrared (IR) saunas. Infrared saunas show a number of positive health-promoting properties. 

Interestingly, even children can use this sauna, and pregnant women (with the approval of the attending physician, of course). 

No matter which type of sauna we use, it will certainly have a positive impact on our well-being and health. 

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Accessories for the sauna, that is, what to take with you to the sauna ?

Akcesoria do sauny które warto zabrać ze sobą

Sauna accessories are an extremely important issue.

Sauntering is a very healthful practice. However, you need to remember both safety issues, and hygiene. In the following article we have prepared a set of the most necessary accessories, so that you can indulge in this relaxing activity without worrying about your health. 

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How to use the sauna? - 10 most important rules

Jak korzystać z sauny - 10 najważniejszych zasad

How to use a sauna properly?

How to use a sauna properly? This is the question many sauna enthusiasts ask themselves. The health benefits of using a sauna are many, but in order to sauna in the safest way possible - learn the rules of sauna use, which will make you reap only the benefits of this activity.

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