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Sauna and pregnancy

sauna a ciąża - czy to bezpieczne?

Sauna and pregnancy - this is a frequently searched query of pregnant women. Most pregnant women, because of their condition, do not want to give up their current activities - but some of them are prohibited. Check below how the situation is in the case of the sauna. 


Every pregnancy is different. For some women, this period is very troublesome. Therefore 

Many pregnant women are looking for ways to relax - but is a sauna a good idea? 

Staying in the sauna is extremely relaxing, plus it supports the body's immunity. 

It is an increasingly popular form of wellness. Regular use of the sauna has very many long-term benefits, such as pain-relieving effects, or a better functioning immune, nervous, and circulatory system. 

However, it should certainly be noted that using a sauna during pregnancy can be dangerous. Elevated body temperature in pregnant women can lead to fainting, due to a drop in blood pressure. Bleeding from the reproductive tract can also occur. Staying in a sauna can be risky for the fetus, and lead to premature labor. 

Sauna use is especially discouraged during the first trimester, at which time there is the greatest risk of miscarriages. 

Sauna and pregnancy - arguments for 

According to a study in the European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, the use of the infrared saunas is safe. 

sauna infrared a ciąża

However, steam saunas are strongly discouraged because of their rapid heating of the body. An alternative can still be a dry sauna, where the temperature does not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. 

However, some believe that if a woman regularly used the sauna before becoming pregnant, she can continue this type of relaxation, but in great moderation. Sessions then should be shortened to 5-10 minutes. It is important not to remain alone in the sauna in case of fainting, and to hydrate regularly. It is worth stocking up on sauna cap, which is designed to protect against overheating. 

The best solution would be to consult your pregnancy doctor about this issue. If in any doubt, look for another way to relax and gain immunity. 

czapka do sauny a ciąża

Relaxing activities during pregnancy 

Recommended activities during pregnancy are walking, yoga, swimming pool and massages. The latter should be done by professionals, as a poorly done massage can also harm the developing fetus. 

joga w ciąży