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Finnish sauna - what should you know about it?

Sauna fińska co powinieneś o niej wiedzieć ?

Finnish sauna is becoming more and more popular. If you are not yet using it check out how much you are missing out on.

In the following article, you will learn about the history of sauntering, interesting facts about Finns, as well as the health and spiritual benefits of regular sauna time. 

History of sanitation

The history of the Finnish sauna dates back more than two thousand years. Saunas were used by both Romans and Indian shamans. However, man already possessed the ability to use heated stone, then began to use insulation in the form of wood. 

sauna fińska - historia saunowania

However, it was the Finns who gave it its name, and popularized it around the world. They take the subject of sanitation very seriously, as can be evidenced by the saying - "There are two sacred places - the church and the sauna". Sauning is an integral part of their lives. W Finland  we can find as many as 2 million saunas, both home saunas and public saunas are very popular. Traditional Finnish saunas were often placed near water to take a cold bath after practice. 

Finns' practices and health benefits

Finns go to the sauna naked, at least once a week. It is also interesting to note that invitations to sauna together are taken extremely seriously, in turn refusing is in poor taste.

The people of Finland believe that the sauna is a remedy for almost everything. It is salvation for both body and spirit. Not only does it toughen, heal, and boost the body's immunity, but it is also a great way to calm down, relax, get rid of stress and fatigue.

praktyki finów w saunie

Finnish sauna vs. steam sauna 

The Finnish sauna has a very high temperature of 80-120 degrees Celsius. The humidity, on the other hand, is very low at about 15%. During a session of several minutes, the temperature of the human body increases by 1 degree. Then the body is stimulated to produce immune bodies in the blood. In addition, thanks to the high temperature, the pores in the skin expand, sweat glands are also stimulated and the process of cleansing from toxins and all impurities is accelerated.

In the steam sauna, on the other hand, the humidity is about 95%. There is a lower temperature than in the Finnish sauna, so longer sessions can be held there. The steam sauna is excellent for inhaling the respiratory tract. This type of sauna is also recommended for sinusitis, and the first symptoms of a cold. 

Fortunately, sauning is also becoming very popular in Poland. Saunas are often available in swimming pool facilities, as well as in spa & wellness areas. More and more people are taking advantage of the benefits of saunas, improving their immunity and finding a way to relax. 

However, keep in mind sauna safety, so that your body does not overheat protect your head -. sauna hats SaunHat will protect you from unwanted effects, so that you will enjoy the very benefits of sauntering.

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