Thermoregulation in the human body is 50% done by the head. Therefore, it is important to properly protect the head from overheating in the sauna with a cap.

If you decide to use a cap in the sauna, the best choice is a product made of 100% sheep's wool.

Wool material exhibits very high thermal properties. In addition, it is characterized by strength and resistance to stretching and deformation, which makes the wool cap a valued accessory for head protection in the sauna.

The main task of the sauna hat is to protect the head and hair from overheating,


It is characterized by a unique structure and made of natural materials,

Thanks to this, it is possible to use the sauna frequently and safely.

- Made of 100% sheep wool,


- Made in one piece without seams,


- The product is protected by a patent,


- The appropriate thickness (1.2 mm) achieved thanks to a unique technological process, which means that does not absorb a lot of water (it is light), and at the same time fulfills an insulating and protective function,


- Universal size (possibility of individual adjustment of the size of the cap by folding it upwards).