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Sauna and the cold

Sauna a przeziębienie

Does a sauna help with a cold?

Sauna and the cold - this is a very common topic. It is certainly a rather controversial issue. There are both proponents of using the sauna during a cold and opponents of it.

As a rule, the sauna is designed to immunize our body to fight any infections. Some people use it as an inhalant.

Czy sauna pomaga na przeziębienie

Sauna and a cold - the first symptoms

While we feel the first symptoms of a cold, we can use the sauna as a remedy for the emerging illness. In this way, we will use natural methods to fight the infection. The high temperature in the sauna, stimulates the body to fight and contributes to the production of white blood cells, so the body can fight the disease in its first stage - if it is not already sufficiently weakened by the infection. Sauna also helps reduce bone and muscle pain.

The research is also confirmed by practice. Indeed, it has been proven that the first symptoms of cold and flu are significantly reduced during the treatment of long infrared wave (IR-C) - that is, when using an infrared sauna.

Sauna infrared


During sinusitis, the natural inhalation experienced in the sauna will certainly be helpful for this type of ailment. The effectiveness of this is indicated, as long as sinusitis is not accompanied by other symptoms.


In particular, we should not use the sauna during a fever. High temperatures can worsen our condition, and lead to additional ailments - such as headaches and even fainting.

During the first symptoms of a cold, and in order to improve the body's immunity, it is important to remember the basic rules. They will allow you to protect yourself from the adverse effects of sauna use.

These rules include the use of sauna caps, which prevents overheating, resting and cooling the body between sessions, and hydration.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the use of the sauna should mainly be considered as a preventive measure. As a result of increased immunity, and thanks to a hardened body, we will cope better with any infections. You can also enjoy its benefits at the first symptoms of a cold. Unless, of course, our body is already sufficiently weakened. Then our condition may worsen. 

And what are your experiences with colds and sauna use?

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