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Sauna cap - why use it?

Czapka do sauny dlaczego warto jej używać?

Below you will find out why sauna cap is not only a fashion accessory, but also a necessary part of sauntering to protect your health.
Being a sauna lover or occasional sauna user you should have a proper water cover.

Below you will learn why this is so important.

Occasionally using the sauna, you may notice that some people have hair coverings. As it turns out, this is not just an extra gadget, but also a very responsible behavior.

The benefits of using a sauna are many. However, it is worth remembering that we should do it in the safest way possible for our health.

A sauna cap for what?

Sauna cap - types

Felt sauna cap

What makes our cap stand out?

Sheep's wool cap - advantages

A sauna cap for what?

Fortunately, there is a growing awareness on this issue, making sauning a safer activity for our health.

When using both wet and dry saunas, headgear is an important part of protecting our health.

A sauna cap protects the head from overheating. In high temperatures, intracranial organs are also exposed. Due to overheating, fainting, dizziness, and experiencing chest pains can occur. Heat stroke can even occur.

Higher temperatures occur in the upper parts of the sauna.

The sauna cap also protects the hair, and its roots, from extreme conditions such as high temperature, and high humidity. It can contribute to dryness, and deterioration of the hair. Bald people should also use head protection, for the reason that the skin may be more sensitive in hairless areas.

Czapka do sauny po co ?

Sauna cap - types

On the market we can find many types of caps. We distinguish caps made of felt, cotton or linen.

Why don't we recommend felt hats?

Felt sauna cap

Felt can be made from the hair of almost all farm animals, as well as some man-made fibers. Chemical and mechanical production methods are used.

We also distinguish between synthetic felt, which is derived from recycled polyester fibers from recycled PET bottles.

We can also find felt caps on the market, with some admixtures. Then an unpleasant synthetic odor can be released during high temperatures.

What makes our cap stand out?

Sheep's wool cap - advantages

On the other hand, the cap we offer is made of a unique structure - in 100% from sheep's wool.

This cap is distinguished by the fact that it exhibits very high thermal properties. It is resistant and resistant to stretching, and any deformation. Noteworthy, this product is protected by a patent.

Our sauna caps They have a universal size. They are available in many colors - white, light grey, light beige, yellow, orange, red, light purple, fuchsia, light blue, green, turquoise, and anthracite.

Saunhat white sauna cap

In addition, it has a "handle" on the top of the cap, which is helpful when using aqua parks, where you alternate between saunas and pools. This is a very practical, as well as handy item.

Importantly, the caps are made of a single piece of real wool. Thanks to this solution, there is no possibility of the cap falling apart - as is sometimes the case with caps with seams.

So, if you experience discomfort, a headache or just feel weak after sauna, try wearing a sauna cap next time. You will then protect yourself from unpleasant ailments, and you will be able to enjoy blissful relaxation after using the sauna.

Czapka do sauny z owczej wełny zółta