The Sickle


Whether you are a body brush pro or just a beginner, it is time to get to know our Sickle. A new kind of body brush in a very convenient shape facilitates the treatment of the whole body brushing, with a unique Tampico mixture and the goat’s hair, which provides excellent effects and a pleasant sensation.


As our most significant body organ, the skin plays a vital role in purifying the body from toxins and pollutants, potential sources of diseases. Dry body brushing accelerates self-cleaning of the body by stimulating the circulation of lymph and blood and peeling and unlocking the pores. What does this mean for us in practice? Quick removal of toxins of the organism, smooth skin without cellulite, uniform color. You do not need any dirty peeling with artificially crafted small particles. Body brushing is an incredibly effective peeling – and only 3 minutes a day.



TAMPICO + goathair